Hi i need. help - sp facing f3 evo brush

how i wier fs rx2a pro receiver to sp facing f3 evo brush, ibus,ppm?
and how i binding it to fsi6

You bind it by holding the little Button on the Receiver while powering it on. (Blue LED blinks fast)
Then you Hold the Bind Button on your Radio while Powering it on.
The LED will blink slower which means the binding was succesful.
Leave the Bind Menu on your Radio.
The LED should now stay on which means it receives the signal of the Radio.

If you want to use IBUS then you will have to use the yellow wire of the Receiver.
Connect that to a UART Port that is not beeing used. (RX)
Note: Failsafe will only work on IBUS

If you want to use PPM then you will have to use the white wire.
In case you do not have a wiring diagram:

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hi did i connect it right?
because nothing happen when i moving the remote control.

The wiring looks fine to me.
Please upload a screenshot of your Betaflight Ports,Configuration and Receiver Tab.

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