Quad/ESC reboots in flight issue

Hello Everyone,

I need a confirmation that I should get a new esc.

I have simple setup, I am using the airbot 25a aio esc board with CL racing F4 flight controller.

The unit arms, takes off, when I apply a bit of throttle or yaw, the motors stop, the unit drops and hear the chimes of the ESC rebooting.

The same problem results, after swapping out the FC and with or without props.

Again my question is, is it time for a yet another ESC or is there a repair that could be carried out on the board?

When I test using a alternative FC it’s bound with a flysky rx whilst on the CL racing F4 I am using a Frsky rx.

Thank you for reading.


Is your Quad making some noise after it fell out of the air?
Maybe Your Escs/ Motors beeping ?

Hi Luca,

Thanks for looking at this for me.

No mate, no noises out of the ordinary, hovers, I apply an input, bam! it drops and restarts, ready to go again.

Then the same happens again.


What do you mean with restart?
What do you see in your Goggles? Is there any kind of Video loss for a short period of time?
If you are using some kind of DVR. could you record and upload it?


What I meant by restart is that your hear the esc/motor chime.

You know how when you connect a battery to your quad and you hear those beeping and chiming it’s the same noise, so it’s as if the quad loses power and re-connects again.

I’m puzzled because I’ve checked for connectivity in the cables and all is fine.

It’s a new build have not got to the point of connecting the fpv gear to it.



That is what i meant with this:

Try to recalibrated your Escs and your Radio.
Also check if your BF Min and max Motor Commands are set to about 1000 to 2000

Please also upload a Video of your DVR to ensure your Quad is not losing all power.
If you do not have an expenisve pair of goggles, just film the screen with your smartphone. (get creative :wink: )

This sounds to me that the ESC’s were not calibrated in the first place. :anguished:
@Gaf can you confirm if you did calibrate the ESC’s?
It seems as if the ESC’s thinks they are getting end range pulses when in normal flight.
Worth trying ??:slight_smile:
Steve :slight_smile: