Quattro ESC dead, or possibly not?

Hi all,

I have a Quattro 4x30A ESC from UMT, which has only ever spun up motors - it has no flight time at all yet. I’m putting together an autonomous project with it, and am still in the very early development stages…

Anyway, the other day I was starting it up, and M3 failed to start (it didn’t even emit beeps as far as I could tell) and now, none of the motors start - it’s as if the ESC doesn’t even try to arm them. However, the built-in BEC is still providing steady power to my electronics.

Anyway, cut to today, and I was doing some testing on my electronics, and unwittingly still had the Quattro plugged into a 5V in/out line (I’m using it as the 5V in from the BEC) while I powered my electronics on a different line - and the motors started beeping and actually armed one of them (weakly, as it was only getting 5V, obviously)! There was no battery connected to the ESC’s deans connector, and I obviously disconnected straight away. Everything is still working as it was before.

So my question is this: does this sound like the caps could be blown? There’s no visual evidence of that, but it’s all I can think of. The ESC is obviously still working in part, just not when powered “properly” via the deans plug. If one or both of the caps were blown, would the BEC still work normally?

I’m using a 3S 11.1V lipo during testing (will be getting a 6S later) and the motors are UT 2270 880kv outrunners.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get this all out there :smile:

Many thanks in advance for any help,