My nighthawk pro 280 ESC's won't calibrate

Hello i have been having trouble calibrating my esc’s when i put the throttle to max in beta flight and plug the battery in there is no chime of any sortes i followed this guide to try and set it up on beta flight as i heard that the wizard x220 is similar to the night hawk pro many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hmm, what ESC mode have you setup in betaflight? Can’t recall what ESC the nighthawk uses but you might need to set your ESC to be pwm in betaflight?

hello there thank you so much for the reply I change the ESC’s to pwm and now here’s what happens when I try to calibrate

Have you tried to change the ESC mode from oneshot to PWM?

yes and still does the samething

here’s a video of what happens when I plug a flight battery in

Thank you so much for helping me, setting it to pwm solved it many thanks.

Slightly off topic but I have a Pro 280 also and after my second AIO FC failure (both ESC’S) I am retrofitting with a CLRacingF4s FC ($39 usd) and 4 12A KingKong ESC’S ($21 usd) Makes repair more modular compared to $67 usd for the Emax board which BTW is getting scarce…

Also.thr cl f4s is a much better FC as uses newer tech and also has osd :-). So not a bad choice at all :+1: