Problem with 5V BEC on Diatone Fury F3 Flight Controller?

Diatone have informed us that there may be a problem with the 5V BEC on their first batch of Fury F3 flight controllers. They tell us that this problem may be caused by some soldering flux which may affect the resistance value or circuit contact. If you have experienced this problem, they suggest the following:

If you have bought your Fury flight controller from us at Unmanned Tech, please contact us and we will help resolve your problem directly.

I’ve had an issue with the one in my gt 2017. According to the error code it’s the accelerometer and not arming or connecting to betaflight. Given the board a clean but had no luck so far.

I suggest you contact the place you ordered it from and send them a screenshot/video of the error. If it’s from us we should be repaired/replaced for you under warranty :slight_smile:

It’s ok. I ordered a replacement board with you already.