Parrot Disco Battery

Has anybody tried or knows for the specs, if the Venom 15C 3S 4000mAh 11.1V LiPo Drone Battery (Link Below) will work on the Parrot Disco?
I´m about to buy the drone, and would like to know if they work since the Multistar High Capacity 3S 4000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack are out of stock.
Im new here and know nothing about drones or batteries.
Thanks a lot

Just compare the size of the Venom Battery with the size of the original Battery from Parrot.
Since the capacity of your Battery is over 1Ah bigger than the Original i suggest you also check the weight :wink:

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Luca, Thanks for your reply.
Ive seen people using the Multistar 4000 and 5200 mAh with no problems. But I cant find the 4000 mah anymore. Both (the 4000 and 5200) are 10C (20C max) and the venom are 15C (30C max).
The only information I found on the drone motor is this: “1280kv brushless motor”
So I want to know if having more discharge rate could work on this particular drone.

The weight is not a problem.

have lipo’s will a higher discharge rate than you quad wont hurt it…

If you lipos can discharge more than the quad can pull its fine… its the other way round that causes problems.

Thanks DoomedFPV for the advice