Omnibus f7 v2 using more than four pwm ports


Hi all, I bought an omnibus f7 v2 and was planning to put it on a fixed wing through inav which requires 6 pwm ports, however upon checking the pinout it has 4 on the board, and another 4 for a 4 in one esc, is there any way to access another two other pwm outputs on the board. Thanks :slight_smile:

just been on inav web site. they say this board only as 4 outputs so can only be use on a flying wing aircraft.
Maybe a little research may have helped, still you’ve got a good FC for your next quad build.
I still use a SPracing f3 board with inav, 8 pwm outputs can’t complain about that.

The pwm 1-4 connectors on the pins and the 4in1 ESC are the same(they are actually borh go to the same pin on the MCU) so you cant use all 8… onto 4 at a time.

Looking at the pin map for the FC, I can’t see any outputs for PWM 5 and 6 so I guess it’s not possible directly with that FC… it is technically possible but it would involve soldering to a specific pin on the main MCU chip which requires some serious soldering skills! And then you will need to alter the definitions on inav code and recompile your own custom version.