OmniNXT F7 Flight Controller and INAV

I would like to build a freestyle drone using INAV, Does INAV support this FC OmniNXT F7 Flight Controller - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop . And which is the target firmware?

It would be nice if you could provide Links to the Products you wanna use so everyone does not to have to look it up by themself.

Yes right. My omission…

I think you may be alright with INAV

Thank you, that is very nice.

Does anyone know the value of pull up resistors I must to use for the mag to work on this board?

I dont believe you need to use any pull up resistors on yout i2c ports on this FC, it should work. YOu just need to make sure you connect SCA/SCL the correct way around and also that they have been mapped correctly.


As the manual says I need pull up resistors I thought to ask here. Any way the gps module arrived tomorrow so I will check it…

Taken from another post…

I checked the GPS in Inav with this board and pull up resistors are not necessary. Magnetometer be recognized. Thanks for your answers.

Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know. :slight_smile: