F4 V6 GPS + Sbus

Please i need help to connect receiver xsr and gps
I have a F4 V6 card, the gps is on uart 6 and Sbus seems to be on uart 6 too

How can I configure the 2 evec inav 2.0 with the cli

thank a lot

hi I had the same problem, check here:

and here:

maybe you find the solution

Can you move GPS to UART3? Or one of the other UARTS. I am not 100% familiar with inav anymore so do not know or if this FC is officially supported.

The issue is that the guide I wrote was for the betaflight target

Yes I moved GPS to UART 3.the above solution works for me…

The link refers to a private topic between kapapios and myself (feel free to post contents if you like).

Use the firmware in this link with gps on uart3.
inav 2.0 will then work.

Note: You cannot use the JST pin for GPS if you are running sbus on uart6. Using Fireworks v2 hex will not work either (I have posted a PR for this board).

Cannot see that thread :frowning:

That was a private topic, but I made it public now as it has some useful information :slight_smile: