Omnibus f4 v5 using more than four pwm ports

Hi all, I bought an omnibus f4 v5 from unmanned tech and was planning to put it on a fixed wing through inav which requires 6 pwm ports, however upon checking the pinout it has 4 on the board, and another 4 for a 4 in one esc, is there any way to access another two other pwm outputs on the board. Thanks :slight_smile:

PWM 5 and 6 are two holes following on from 1,2,3,4…
see image below.

Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks so much ^^ I also appreciate the quick reply, have a good day :smile:

Hello Steve. I am looking at the pinout and those additional pinouts 5 and 6,
are not on a V5

They are very small but they are on the omnibus F4 v5 :slight_smile: Just need a steady hand to solder anything to them… especially PWM 6!