Omnibus F4 V3 cant find sbus/pwm jumper

I bought a Omnibus F4 V3.
It says I need to connect the Sbus pin to the middle pin, on the diagram from the shop and on the help I could find.
The problem is I cant find it.
The board dosnt look like the board on the shop or any pictures or diagrams I can find.
So what if anything do I need to do to make it Sbus.
I have only tested the board whit usb, to see it power up and connect it to betaflight.
So was about to start solder it, when I ran into this problem.
I would like to make sure it can run Sbus, before I start soldering.
I own a qx90 that I have changed motors on and added buzzer, but this is my first build, so apology if I missed something obvious.

Kaind regards

I will need to check with my team about this as we need to update the diagram, but my guess is that its the same as the omnibus f4 v3 pro where you don’t need to do any soldering, just select SBUS/ppm in betaflight and it should work.

I will check tomorrow if you still having any issues and also get the product page updated.

I’m having trouble with my F4 V3 Pro but I can confirm for the pro version you do have to jump 2 pads to choose between PPM and SBUS so it’s possible on the non pro version you don’t. On the v3 Pro the jumper pads are directly next to the PPM/SBUS input pads. Hope this helps