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I am new to drone building so excuse my questions if I am asking something that is not possible. I have just successfully constructed and flew my drone, so now I am trying to take it to the next level by making it autonomous.

For some background I am currently using the omnibus f4 v5. My drone is set up to use SBUS, has a GPS hooked up to it, and is connected to a 4 in 1 ESC. The software I am using is iNav. My next goal is to wire the 3DR 433 Mhz antennas to a UART, potentially the Rx6 and Tx6 pins. Is this the proper way to communicate with the drone through Mavlink protocal? I intend on using the python kit “dronekit” to control my drone via a computer.

I was also curious if it was possible to connect a servo motor to the flight controller. This servo will give me the capability to drop a package from my drone and I was wondering if I could directly connect it to another one of the UARTS on the board and then just configure it in iNav.

Lastly I also wanted to know if it was possible to use the J8 pins (DSM2 UART1) as a UART for something other than DSM2 communication, or if there was a way to reconfigure the pins via software so I could use them.


All that you want your quadcopter to do is possible. The problem you have is the Omnibus and Inav. Too few UARTS to hook much up to an Omnibus. Check out a Pixhawk FC running Ardupilot.

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Thanks for the response!

Since I am unable to attach both the 3DR 433 Mhz antenna and the servo motor, is it possible to just attach one of them? If I were to attach the 3DR 433 Mhz antenna to the Omnibus f4 v5, how would I do so, or is only possible on the Pixhawk FC? There are 6 pins, which are GND, RTS, CTS, TX, RX, and 5V. Im not too sure what to do with the RTS and the CTS pins.

Have no idea on that. Open UARTS is going to be the problem.

The omnibus boards do not have connections for full UART ports as they only have the tx/Rx ports for each UART. You can still use the telemetry modules by just connecting tx and Rx, (and power), but at hight baud rates or longer range you will notice a weaker signal due to the lack of flow control pins (CTS/RTS).

So for a full autopilot I highly suggest you get a proper autopilot board like pixhawk

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