Connecting a Ublox NEO-M8N to Airbot F4 v5 board

I have problems connecting a Ublox NEO-M8N to my Airbot F4 v5 board. I have connected it to UART6, selecting 3.3V via jumper, enabled GPS feature and selected GPS on the UART6 in the ports tab (tried all baudrates).

I have no messages being received. Magnetometer works fine.

I have noticed in the board silkscreen, the the pins on the board are labeled CH4(!)/RX6 and CH6/TX6…

Is there a jumper to be selected in order to use the 2 pins as TX6/RX6 and not CH4/CH6?


You will need to use UART1 for your GPS, or a softserial port… UART6 (RX6 and TX6) is used by the sbus input from your receiver.

Part of the fun with the omnibus baurds is that there are so many versions, alot of the video are out of date… the first vew versions SBUS was on UART1, which is why GPS is connected to UART6, but with V5 (and V4 i think) SBUS is now on UART6, so you need to hook up the GPS to UART6… or soft serial.

Using soft serial is explained here:

Also I beleive most Ublox modules require 5V, not 3v3 so that could also contribute to your problem. If you are not using SBUS receiver I think you can still use UART6 for your GPS (but I have never tested as I always use SBUS RX recently)

I can confirm the GPS puck needs a 5v supply.
Initially for the Ublox module then inside an internal 3.3v regulator powers the magnetometer chip and charges the internal (small) battery
Stevietee10 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alex, my issue with the v5 is that the UART 6 is too close to the sd card holder. Its a dead short waiting to happen. What is the location of UART 3 on the board?

Yes I agree that the SD card is very close… UART 3 is on J1, but its shared with the I2C… so if using I2C, you cannot use UART3.