Omnibus f4v5 install question J10

Hi I have been reading the tech write up for hooking up the omnibus f4v5 from unmannedtech. It has helped me a ton but I just had a couple questions. I am going to use a racerstar rev35 4in1 esc. So my fc hookup is going to use the j10 connector directly to my esc. I am going to solder bridge to set it up for crnt sensor. My other connections which I understand (I think) is connecting my receiver using sbus to J7. That leaves me powering the board battery power to the J4 J5 VBAT pads. The last part I’m a little confused by. The vtx and camera connections I didn’t understand from the guide. If i solder bridge J3 5v-RAM does that than put 5V on J17 and J18 center pad? So I could just run my vtx and cam using those 6 pads being powered by the RAM pad that now has 5 volts on it ? Or am I misunderstanding the ram pad?and if I am missing anything else please let me know

Also one other dumb question just because I’m setting up j10 for current that doesn’t mean my osd won’t show battery voltage correct? I’m assuming the osd chip has that information from board power?

Also do I need to power the board with a solder pad or is the vbat on J10 header powering the board when it’s pluuged into the esc. Never mind on this part of question I read more and see. This was answered in the guide . I can just power from the j10 header as long as I’m jumping the crnt pad

Anybody have experience with this board?

The Vbat pin on J10 is the same as Vbat on J4. So assuming to set the current jumper correctly as per the guide then you will still see OSD information for battey voltage and current assuming you have connected the correct at J10

Thank you!! And as far as J17 and J18 does the center pad have 5v on it if I solder bridged 5V to RAM on J3?

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