Airbot Omnibus F4 Pro V3.. Woes

I have two of these boards one a clone from BG the other a kosha one from a uk supplier both work ok. But it’s not until you start connecting them up for GPS, Config SoftSerial Telemetry (S.Port ), connect the Rx at J7 whose voltage is only 4.6V, then you are required to use a separate/isolated servo supply and remove a diode, and when you have carried out all these Mods - is it all necessary you ask.
The question then arises - is there a Flight Controller whereby you connect your Lipo, connect/config your peripherals and switch on.
I have been playing with these two FC’s for a couple of weeks now using RCG’s excellent contributors with references to DroneTest contributors also, and to be honest enjoying it all.
But please is there a stand alone FC that is beefy enough to support the peripherals we require…joe

Would it not be easier to just use a separate 5v regulator to power your Rx rather than using the FC regulator? Then you can hook up the 5v next directly to the battery.

Most FC that have a built in power distribution board like the omnibus f4 corner have a much bigger because that can power more stuff at the same time so that would be one to look at.

Hi Alex
Thanks for your input, appreciated - I have been thinking on those lines of a substitute Vreg and I do have a Turnigy 5amp BEC, but is a little bulky.

At the moment I am replacing the on-board step-down MP1593 which is kaput with an MP2307 and juggling with the 2 FB resisters that determine the output voltage ( R2/R3 type 0402) awaiting them from RS - these are only 1mm x0.5mm bloody micro surgery soldering. If I can get 5-5.5V at J7 for the X4R Rx then I’m good to go with this Airbot F4 V3 :smile:

As regards a board replacement the OmniF4ProCorner and the Matek F405CTR appeal

Hears hoping for a steady hand when Postman Pat arrives Tues with the goodies…joe

Hats off to your soldering skills :+1: if you pull it off that is:slight_smile: