Can I use the pwm pin 7 and 8 as motor pins in Omnibus F4 V3 pro for inav?

I have used the betaflight for resource remapping and converted these pins in motor pins but the betaflight does not support autonomous flight (mission planner) and inav have the feature but I cannot find a way to convert these pins into motor pins in Inav for my octocopter .

At this stage inav does not support resource mapping like you can on betaflight I think so the only was to do it as below:

It is technically possible but you will need to build your own target by altering the target.h file to make the motor pins differently. So you basically do the resources mapping within the target.h file

Hey, unmannedtec1 can you kindly guide me how to flash the target files into omnibus because for flashing .hex file is required. How to convert target file to .hex and which file to convert itno .hex ?

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