Omnbusf4 v5 iNav esc's

Hi just pulled out a Revo from a working quad and wired in the f4 v5, installed iNav (latest 2.2.1).
Have set it up with everything working Except I cannot engage motors either through motor tab, tx or blheli passthrough. Blheli sees reads and updated the esc’s.
Running onshot125.
Have calibrating esc’s a number of times, no luck.

Also when I put the Revo back in and recalibrate, motors work. Put omnibus back in recalibrate, nothing.

I have another quad. with the same version omnibus running BF and they are both wired up the same.
I don’t yet have a gps and all sensors green in setup.

Have scoured the net and found nothing.

So I am at a loss what am I doing wrong?

In case you were not aware iNav has a new targets for these boards

OMNIBUSF4V3_S6_SS: Softserial1 on S6
OMNIBUSF4V3_S5_S6_2SS: Softserial1 on S5 and Softserial2 on S6
OMNIBUSF4V3_S5S6_SS: Softserial1 on S5/RX and S6/TX

I have smart port on s5 so it frees up a uart.

thanks in advance Larry

Problem solved…
There is a setting in INAV configuration to enable motor and servo output. It is/was turned off by default.
That option is not in BF. Always learning.

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