Omnibus F4 V6 + DYS F30 4in1 MULTISHOT / Oneshot

please could you help me wuth multishot (or oneshot) setup ?
I have FC F4 v6, ESC DYS F30 4in1, and iNAV. ESC has Blheli_S rev 16.7.
Because iNav does not support Dshot, I try set analogue protocol. After seting multishot or oneshoot (tried both), i made callibration through BLHeli Suite, then test motors in iNav configurator, and everythink works fine.
But, when I test motors with transmitter, motors are not working well, motors 3,4 are ok, but 1,2 start later (about 40% power) and sometimes stop.
When I flash BF, with Dshot is perfect, but with multishot/oneshot is similar.
Any idea please ,

Sounds a lot like Airmode ( if iNAV has it )

When you arm the drone via the transmitter is activates the PID loop system.
And the drone is looking for/expecting movement which it isn’t getting cause the props aren’t on.
So it ramps up the motors.

Put your props on, take it outside, stand a SAFE distance away and try a hover.

I test it with Angle mode, but ok, I can test in fligh, or you are writing about PID Loop, maybe, I try play with the play loop.

Hm, I change to Multishot, calibrate again, after motor aming one motor is is not started, but when a I tried hover and fly, it seems to work, I’m not sure about this solution but it works …