Omnibus Crossfire


I have the Omnibus F4 V5 and TBS Crossfire for a 7 inch long range build but need some advice to find out if what I want to do is possible.

I have a GPS Ublox M8N with Compass puck and intend to wire it as per the attached diagram.

First question is will this allow me to get longitude, latitude, direction to home and compass direction in my Betaflight OSD?

If I do this can I wire my TBS Crossfire to TX6 and RX6 without any issues?

And finally where would I connect my Smartaudio on my TBS Unify Pro?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated. I am not even sure if its possible to get compass working in Betaflight but I do not want to use INAV as I don’t need any return to home or other automated GPS functions.

I’ve had a look around and…
TBS XF should go on the same UART (so TX6 and RX6 should be ok) But they need to be uninverted.
The Unify Pro smart audio can go to a free UART TX (Without inverter)

An F4 has mostly uninverted UART ports normal and 1 inverted ( I think )

Know with your GPS.
I have no idea im afraid… I’ll keep looking if you no one comes back to you first;

Thanks Doomed

I will try that, I am a little confused about inverted and uninverted but this is something I will need to research and fully understand like everything else I have discovered over the last year in this hobby.

I have connected my GPS and it works fine although I have not figured out how to get the magnetometer compass to work yet.

Thanks for your input much appreciated.

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Any updates on this setup? Mines similar omni f4 V3S on inav. I was thinking of using rx6 an tx6 for crossfire setup instead of sbus, could anyone confirm that would work. My r9mm took a dump and I ordered the nano and tx. My compass and gps are pinned just like yours. Bn880. I’m also very confused what inverted and what’s not, but it says in inav cli the omni f4 uses hardware inversion and it’s normally off, so I think it’s a solvable problem

XF needs to be on a UART so RX6, TX6 will work fine.

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Update: thanks, helped me bit the bullet. Worked perfectly fine. Haven’t test flown but inav looks good. I just forgot to wire in smart audio. Still learning what’s what with all these systems. Hooked into uart 6 on omnibus f4 v3 ( V3-S ) HARDWARE inversion is on. Not sure if that helped but it made f.port work before my r9mm took a final dump and thats what the settings were still set to. Was frustrating getting the micro and it not work in the x7 thought. Would be nice if it were clearly advertised u need to mod the controller.