NAZA M V2 with FlySky FS-TH9X

I have FlySky FS-TH9X and I consider buy Naza M V2 FC.
Can they work together?
The NAZA support sbus and ppm.


The default FlySky FS-TH9X receiver onyl outputs PWM so you will need to connect each channel via a wire to the input on your NAZA. If you want to use PPM, or SBUS I suggest you consider a better radio like the Taranis

Hi Alex.
On the FS TH9X it PCM, is that the same as PWM that you wrote above?and this will work fine with the NAZA?
One more, on the FS TH9X manual I so that is posible to choose PPM Also,
If yes, how shall I connect it?

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is an old standard and no one uses it anymore so you should use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). To connect it you should see details in your naza manual, but you need to connect a 3 pin servo cable between your Rx and the naza for each channel. Kind of like in the image below.

If I’ll connect as you told me is that will work? Even that the FS is working in PCM and the NAZA working with PWM?
And do you think NAZA M V2 is a good Choice?

Yes it should work just fine with PCM as it does support it. And the Naza M v2 is a great flight controller :slight_smile: , although abit expensive compared to other options nowadays. I prefer to use an ardupilot based system such as Pixhack since it has many more features.

Do you think I can handle Pixhack FC, It’s my first drone.
Can you please send to me link where is the best to buy it?

Do you think clone FC is good , or it’s better stay out from it?

If you are prepared to learn the Pixhawk is the best thing as its super powerful and its not much harder than the Naza. If you order it from us I will be happy to help you. We should get some more stock of Pixhawk Kits in about 1 week or so.

As for buying clone products sometimes its ok, but other times they dont work, so it depends on who you buy from if htey will offer support and repairs if something goes wrong.