Upgrade FlySky TH9X to the FrSky DJT module

I did upgrade , follow the this link: Upgrade your FlySky TH9X to the FrSky DJT module - RC Groups
I use NAZA M V2 in my drone , I don’t know how to connect the NAZA to the FrSky D8R-XP.I’ll be happy if someone can send connection diagram.

That D8R should work fine with your Naza M, but you will just need to bind it into CPPM mode by putting the jumper across CH3 and CH4.

You then need to plug it into X2 port on your NAZA, and in the assistant software you need to tell it that your receiver is a PPM receiver.

Hi Alex.
I’ll try to do this.
Just to be sure , the jumper should be only on the signal pins,and
only one wire from receiver ch-1 to X2 on the NAZA, is that correct?
Thank you

One more, Alex.
Do I need to power the Rx.?
I yes , where should I connect it in the Rx.?(I have 5V )

You should use a 3 wire servo cable to connect your receiver to the naza, so the red wire is the 5V supply from the naza to your receiver, so you should not need a separate power supply

I connected it as you told me, and it work,
now I try to configure the Tx with NAZA for 3 ways switch.
I got results but not perfect, the IOC is moving when I use the 3 way. so I had to disable it.
If you have any idea, I’ll be happy to know/
And what is the recommended voltage for first and second level protection ? I use 3S battery.

The flight modes you should check the mixing and switch settings on your radio as that is where you need to set that up, possibly there is some mixing going?

Can you please let me know hat is the recommended voltage for first and second level protection(on NAZA software)? I use 3S battery.

As I understand from manual , It support only 6 channels on PPM mode.
Can I use all 8 channels with another way?(maybe traditional)
If yes, how should I connect the D8R-XP to the NAZA M V2?