Frsky XSR - the best miniquad RX?

When it comes to RC gear, we realy like FRsky gear, feature packed, reliable and very affordable. So its great to see that there is a new mini reciever in town, the Frsky XSR mini receiver which has been designed to be small and lightweight (3.8g) to work well

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How to connect XSR - naze32 rev6 and micro minimosd ?
I’m a little bit confused here.

You need to connect the XSR via ppm, so the green wire goes to pin 1 on the naze 32.

Then in cleanflight you just need to set your receiver to be ppm.

Then to use osd, you can connect t that to UART 2 on pins 3 and 4, there are some details on our naze32 guide - Naze 32 Revision 6 Flight Controller Guide