Naza v2 with gimbal


Can anyone tell me the wiering diagram of how to connect naza v2 with alexmos gimbal?
I have attached some pictures of the gimbal and naza v2.
This is my first drone project ever so please make it simple as possible! :slight_smile:

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This is how the whole picture looks like.

The question is, why do you wish to connect a brushless motor gimbal to the flight controller?
It is usual (and this is how I did my gimbal on my DJI NAZA, see skip to 24:00 to avoid me rabbiting on about other things) to let the gyro and control unit look after themselves as the quad moves and twists in the air and connect a spare RC channel to the Pitch control of the gimbal so that you can aim the camera up or down as you wish to get your shot. If you have another spare RC channel you could connect that to the YAW to enable you to pan the camera around. There is little point in controlling the ROLL of the camera you will need that to stay level and the gimbal control will cover that.

If this is a good answer for you let me know and I’ll try to give you an exact wiring layout

If I’ve misunderstood entirely then sorry for making you read this :scream:

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Dear Steve,

I know it can be done by connecting the reciever to the gimbal and it is possible to control the gimbal motors by transmitter like that but someone told me that it can be done by Flight controller aswell(Naza v2), so im trying to figure out how its done.
Also, i have Spektrum Dx6i(6 channel transmitter) so i need atleast 7 to control all 3 gimbal motors.


Ahh. do you mean as in pass-through where all RC channels go into FC from the RX (one cable, s-bus ?) and then you take certain channels to the gimbal motors and control those channels directly by the TX. The FC/craft orientation is not fed to the gimbal by FC, the gimbal uses it’s gyro.

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