Question on wiring of LED and GPS on a NAZE32

In your (very helpful) schema ( there is a single wire (one for Gnd, one for 5+) going from the 6x3 ESC rail on the NAZE32 going to both the GPS and LEDstrip. Is this correct? Or should this be two seperate wires?

GPS and LED strip share GND and +5v wires, this is correct
GPS has two signal wires for RX and TX going to pins 3 and 4 respectively on NAZE
LED strip has a different signal wire to pin 5 on NAZE

Hope this clarifies
Steve :slight_smile:

what about the connection of reciever at the same time?

In this configuration the receiver has to be PPM (CPPM) or Sbus and you connect to pin 1
Not possible to use PWM (seperate wires for each channel)
If using Sbus you may need to invert the signal depending on the receiver. May be possible to do in software or a simple one transistor, one resistor circuit does the trick
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