Newbie Needs Help With Flight Controller

I am building my first quadcopter which will be used mostly for photography I have no interest in racing. I have decided on the Taranis x9d and until yesterday I had decided on the Naza M Light until I read about the stability problems it was having. I read where there was a questionable fix to upgrade the software to v2 but these were older posts and the fix seems to have been taken down. I am looking for a controller that will give me steady flight and hover with a return home failsafe. Most of the controllers seem to be for racing which is not what I’m looking for. Have the Naza M light problems been taken care of if not what are similar controllers? I am currently experiencing information overload so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, and I know what you mean about information overload, there are litteraly about 3 new flight controllers being released every week! However there are no fundamental issues with any version of the DJI Naza range unless it has been setup incorrectly, or had developed a hardware fault (which is not very common)

For your needs the naza-m is generally a nice option for a general photography rig and is the most affordable controller from DJI. But I would suggest you rather go for the Naza-M V2 as it has better sensors and is compatible with extra gear such as a zenmuse gimbal, bluetooth, OSD etc.

However DJI are essentially stopping production of these flight controllers so that is why my personal suggestion would be to look at a pixhawk based system, although it can be abit more confusing at first (because pixhawk can control and do just about everything) it is a better platform because of it. It is also regularly updated with new features and improvements and is way more extendable as you become more familiar with autopilots and want to add to your drone. You can read more about the ardupilot project (that runs on pixhawk) here

Let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, I think I will go with the pixhawk. I noticed there are a lot of pixhawk clones out there, are there any I should stay away from?

Hi Bill @Groundhog

Alex’s @unmannedtech1 advice re. Pixhawk is solid as the Pixhawk is an extremely capable system BUT IMHO do not write off the DJI Naza system…

1, The upgrade to V2 v4.02 does still work, if you cannot find the update software (it’s still posted in various places) PM me and I can send it to you.

2, The Naza is much easier to set-up and will fly almost anything with the default settings. It was my first controller on a 560mm quad and as a newbie then I was glad of this choice. My own stupidity sent it well out of sight, I had no FPV then :scream: but the RTH brought it back from god knows where and landed it at my feet :joy:

3, The Pixhawk / APM is much more configurable, has the capability of autonoumus flight, will run from a ground station. It’s very very good but not for the total newbie who just wants to get flying in the air.

This is just my observations, make your own decisions :smile:

Steve :slight_smile:

Its hard to tell realy, my suggestion would to make sure you buy it from a reputable shop (like us ;-)). I know its biased but some sellers on ebay (particualrly sellers from China) will sell some products at realy good prices but never actualy test them, and if you have a problem they will say too bad and when you file a paypal claim they make you pay for postage back to China which can get expensive.