Mini Unmanned Hawk power module now giving correct readings

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@Koippa Thanks for checking the cables, but could you alse send me a screenshot of the power module settings within mission planner just so we can check that.

If none of the settings are wrong then there may be an issue with the current and voltage sensor on your module so you will need to email us with your order number for us to replace it for you.

Hi, now i get new module and pixmini. There is pictures of settings. I dont get readings from analog airspeedsensor or powermodule. Current is saying something but running to negative.

Is settings right ?

Now after few battery connections, I have readings from voltage, but can I use analog airspeed sensor on mini unmanned hawk kit?

Yes you can use the airspeed sensor with the mini unmanned hawk. You just need to connect it to the front pins there is a port named AIR, and next it it is +V and GND pins to power the airspeed sensor.

What is wrong? No readings. I was test my plane and there is no airspeed sensor and it was not enabled. Then i see some readings(0.2 etc)… Is that newest firmware bad or what? how i can get older firmware if this was bad ?

How have you connected the airspeed sensor? Could you share a photo?

This is setup, and i was tested almost all setting on MissionPlanner. Older firmware not help.

If you go the full paramater list are you able to see that the ARSPD_PIN value is set to 15?