Aux channels not working on Mini Unmanned Hawk (PixMini)

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Have you connected a common ground between your power supply and your servo? Also is it not possible to connect your servos to one of the main outputs S1-S8?

Thanks for the response in email.
I plan on using this for an octocopter so all main outputs (S1-S8) are taken and I can’t connect the servo to any of those.
There is a voltage cable and ground cable going from my bench supply to the servo. The only cable linking the PixMini to the servo is the signal cable coming out of the AUX out (A3). That would seem to be ok, no?

I looked at the photo I took of the working Hex with mini Pix, and the power & ground pins next to the AUX appear to be inputs. My guess is they are for the AUX rail.

Yes those ground and 5V are for the Aux rail.

Hi Alex. Can you please post the correct settings in Mission Planner (or APM Planner) for using the Power Module that ships with the PixMini autopilot? I’m referring to the Mission Planner page where you select “Monitor/Sensor/APM ver” for your Battery Monitor under “Initial Setup”. I cannot get it to display correct voltage and current despite having entered the correct measured voltage from an attached battery monitor dongle. Thanks!

When did you order your mini pix from us? As we have found that some of our early batch had the voltage and current sensor pins switched around on the power module cable. This was found on a few kits, but we have since fixed that. Could you check the green and yellow pins on the power module to make sure they are the same as in the image below?

Yes, my yellow and green cables are wired this way. Have you verified that you’re able to get correct Voltage and Current in Mission Planner with this configuration? If so, please post the Mission Planner settings. The only difference with my cable is that there appear to be 2 red and 2 black wires coming from the power module (in addition to the 1 yellow and 1 green). These 2 red wires coming from the power module both feed into a single slot on the dupont connector and the 2 black wires coming from the power module both feed into a single slot on the dupont connector as well. That said, my dupont connect is black/red/yellow/green as in the picture you sent. Any ideas?