Matek F411-WING orientation

I am in the process of building up a Sonic F1 FPV wing.

I’m thinking of using the Matek F411 controller for this. I’m using an 1800mAh 4S which means space is fairly tight in the fuselage, and it would make things easier if I could mount the F411 vertically. The place I had in mind was on the inside of the fuz adjacent to the battery I realise the arrow on the PCB needs to be pointing forward and it still would be when mounted in this way. But does the controller have to be flat down or can the unit be configured to work if mounted in the way described?

Failing that it will have to go flat down at the bottom just in front of the carbon wing joiner.

Many thanks


You can mount the FC any orientation/angle you want, once it’s mounted you just need to tell the software which orientation/angle it is, with inav and betaflight it is in the do configuration tab.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, that’s perfect!

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