Problem after flashing MATEK405-STD


I was flying normal my drone. After flashing MATEK 405-STD to 4.1.4 version with betaflight (last version) and resetting the drone to previous settings its not normal anymore. When I arm the drone on the ground gets crazy and flip over the drone. What could be the problem?tnx

Board orientation. Props on backwards

Its not the board orentiation. Props are in right positions. Its something with the throttle, I do not touch it, but gets crazy, when arm…

A freak out on the ground is normally caused by the quad doing something the FC isn’t expecting and trying to compensate for it.

As @ares said I would double check the following…
Board Origination,
Motor Direction,
Motor Order,
Reverse prop setting in BF

Anyone of them will cause your quad to freak out on throttling up for take off.

I flashed firmware with the latest version, then I had to resetting the sticks and modes. Is there any problem?just I sad I arm the drone and without adding the gas gets crazy and turn around.

AIR mode on ?? can cause power up when at rest on the ground

I tried to turn off the airmode, i tried to soldering 470uF/35V on each esc. I tried with new MATEK405-STD, always the same. The drone is twitching…

Reflash with a full chip erase and setup from scratch. Don’t restore any config. Can you get us some screenshots of the config. Pictures of the build and video of what it’s doing?