Matek F405 Wing motor issue

Latest firmware 2.0 on Matek F405 wing.All servos work great on my nano talon using preset code.But motor doesn’t work.It will stop after couple of second after i armed.Sometimes it will come back again.I used S1 for motor signal.I don’t know what happened.Take out the motor and esc and plug in direct to receiver its just work without problem.Is there anybody having the same problem?? i need help here.



What FC software are you using?
Have you calibrated ESC?
Can you share CLI dump file?

We’ll try and help you with this
Steve :slight_smile:

Yeah if you can provide some more details it will help.

But for the motor issue, can you try use motor passthrough mode (in motors tab of betaflight+inav) and see if the motors work fine there. As if they do, then my suggestion would be it’s just a flight mode or some mixing going on with your flight controller firmware settings.