Flight Controller for Fixed Wing FPV

I am an experienced LOS pilot with both heli and fixed wing and have some experience with quad FPV. I would like to have a go at fixed wing FPV and to this end I have bought a ZOHD Dart XL which I have got set up to fly nicely naked, but for FPV I think I would like a flight controller in it.

I think my main requirements are to help keep things straight and level while I transition from LOS to FPV and fiddle about with goggles, and also to give some form of return to home function for if my video feed dies and I’ve strayed too far to recover LOS.

Nice to haves would include an OSD with horizon and airspeed displays.

I’m looking at using a Matek F405 Wing, but wonder if anyone can recommend anything better. Thanks.

I haven’t used the Matek F405 Wing but I do use there other FC’s in my quad builds and don’t have any complaints about them.

The Wing version is designed for a wing but you could use a normal FC.
But I think with the ports and the full GPS ports, INAV and multiple uarts.
The Matek F405 Wing would be a good start.

If/When I build my first wing… thats the FC ill use

I have recently fitted one of my foam wings with a matek f405 mini and matek fchub (‘A5’?).
I think the f405 wing version is aimed at convential plane with four + servos , so is poss a bit over the top for a flying wing ?
The matek boards are very nice to use.
I have the wing set up on inav with gps , for exactly the reasons you state. Still testing , but the stabilisation side of things is very dull to fly , fun to set up , dull to fly ! ( it seems to maintain altitude whilst banking in angle/horizon modes ,( without a baro), whilst solely inputting roll )
Clever ( boring)
In acro it is a little bit slow to make stabilisation adjustments - to be expected as it is using elevons to perform actions , not the precise & immediate performance that is experienced with multirotors.
So I think I will mainly fly in manual/ pass through , with ,as you say , flight control as a back up.

To be fair , this may well be better with digital servos , or just better servos than I use , or possibly different PIDs / response rates .
After a series of disappointing experiences with flashy / named / pricey units , I now use the " four for £10" types ,

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Thanks for the replies. I think I’m going to go for the F405 Wing. About half the area around my house is made of lakes, so dull and not heading downwards fast will be just fine while I mess about with goggles. Presumably tinkering with the PIDs will liven things up if needed. And it’s only £36. I can remember paying over £400 for V-Bar heli controllers when they first appeared.