Kl ex 90 connect fr sky xm receiver

Hey does anyone know where you solder your fr sky xm receiver on the kl ex 90 fc board? Where is sbus the board doesnt say

Wiring Diagram below…


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Yes i connect signal wire to rx on edge of board next to led but controls are not working changed out the uarts in beta flight still doesnt work resave for sub and frsky in setting nothing

just to be clear, the one next to the LED is PPM input, you need the yellow one on diagram above marked sbus in yellow next to the smart-port red one. need to know its exactly connected right before anything else.

No theres s.port then rx then tx and so on. i soldered it on the rx it does not say sbus

The RX port is the SBUS port… its labelled as RX so the the port can be used as a UART.


Ok thanks i did that alreadyill recheck my soldered

We all assume the receiver is bound to transmitter!

Yes it is bound was wondering about firmware its betaflight 3.1.5. Firmware. Where up to 3.5 can i update to latest version and not afftect anything? Thinking maybe thats why it doesnt arm frysky xm works now just doesn’t arm at all all my mode settings are correct but will not arm tarranis is set to no pulse arm switch is set but wont arm at all if i switch firmware then i can go into cli hit status and it says whats wrong is what im thinking 3.1 doesnt offer that

Betaflight 3.5.1 will show you the arming flags in the configurator… on the right hand side…
Just google the flags from the betaflight wiki

Have older version firmware 3.1.5 i think

flash it to 3.5.1 so many improvements have happened since then…

Just take a backup of your configuration first.

The only thing i hook up was the xm receiver that would not work at first but i figured out the problem was in my set up on the tarranis after creating another new model it worked fine but something is keeping it from arming now my modes in beta flight switches are correct re calib it has me scratching me head lol

is than an error message you get in your OSD “calib” ???

Well i have 3.1.5 firmware no osd i dont think in kl ex 90 but i think i hqve it figured out in config i switched gyro to 8k and pid loop to 8k i just changed bac to 4 and 2 k and the motors spun up

well done…

maybe your pid loop was just set to high for what it liked.
Lets us know how you get on when you get it into the air

Yes thats exactly what the problem is.Now i have a arfun 95 pro as well you can help me with when im in the air and move right the quad goes left is like its doing the opposite of my controls do yoi know what that is?

Go to the CLI tab on Betaflight
Put this into CLI

rxrange 0 2000 1000
rxrange 1 2000 1000
rxrange 2 2000 1000
rxrange 3 2000 1000

Be careful of throttle…
Take your props off to be safe.

Yes will do that later i have insta flip when i throttle up now on my kl ex 90 cant win at these things at all lol my arfun has been no fun first day i got that. Tryto fly it it crashed had 3 . 1.7 firmware. Updated it to 3.5 firmware forgot to save my cli dump now doesnt fly right and i lost led wont save in config so i left that alone got frustrated with it i need a copy of a cli dump for ar/no/fun 95-lol