Insta flip on throttle up kl ex 90

Hi my quad insta flips on throttle up ive jave tripple checked props recalib acc check motor orientation direction reset pids to default beta flight and still darn thing flips when i throttle up the firmware is betafligjt 3.1.5 can anyone help me with this

Board orientation correct ?
There is a page (setup ?) where it can be checked by manually moving quad.
Also check receiver page that image moves as per stick input.

Yes done that already arrow facinf rear on fc but yaw 180 degrees on fc on beta flight moving right way when i move it

Well hopefully someone clever be along soon to sort this.
Meanwhile what flight mode ?

Have you checked the receiver tab to make sure the channels are correctly assigned and that there is no mixing going on? So when you move one stick… only one channel moves?

I would also highly recommend you update your betaflight as v3.1.5 is very old now… current version is v3.5.2

Yes channel is correct on beta flight everthing moves and responds correctly but when i put the props on throttle up it flips ive did everything i could think of.i know firmware is old was wondering about updating firmware bit wasnt sure if that was a good ideal or not didnt know what would happen if i did i e jad nothing but problems withthis thing since i bought it have flown it yet put xm receiver on it bind it and that is as far as i got

A) obviously follow Alex’s advice
B) if its flipping on take-off anyway , I might try messing with board orientation some more - maybe roll 180 ?
(Obvs stand well back )
C) can you see what’s happening to motor speeds ( front/back , left/right) if you remove props and throttle up ?

Still be interested to know what flight mode.

D) (again props off ) run each motor individually and check numbers match with setup type.

With props on it will. Try to flip from the left side. On throttle up props off seems stable.cant see any movement without props Board was installed with arrow pointing in reverse orientation seems correct when moving up down right left on beta flight checking movement with tarranis in betaflight seems correct nothing else moving on throttle up motors moving in right directions my modes are arm ,angle, and horizon didnt turn on airmode dont really. understand that mode. And they are set right thata about it

Yes i check that as well numbers and direction are correct i went threw it all just dont know what im missing

Wow!!!got up this mourning plug in a battery places on tabled armed it to see if it would flip throttle up a little bit it fliped over then esc started smoking caught fire wow never saw that one gonna contact wwere i bought it and see if i can get my money back this suxs

Well a misbehaving esc would not help.
Hope you get sorted with supplier.