Jello in the hd cam footage

Hi, this isn’t a serious problem but it is a little frustrating I have been trying to eliminate the jello from my HD footage. so far I have soft mounted the FC( Kakute F4 AIO V2) but apparently, it has the soft-mounting built in. The IMU (“gyro”) chip on this board is mounted on vibration-isolating foam. I’ve also soft mounted the motors but I can’t get rid of the jello. I’ll share some blackbox data here if that could help identify the problem. other than the jello it flys really nicely. i tried to do a few bits and bobs so there should be plenty of data. if you need footage of the flight related to the blackbox data i shall upload it to youtube and share the link. Thank you so much (:

It’s an
Armattan chameleon 6"
Kakute F4 AIO V2
Azure Power 5140 props
Brotherhobby r6 2306 2450kv


Is your camera soft mounted too? As it’s usually the easiest thing to do to get rid of jello. Another thing that helps is if you balance your props too.

Ahh thank you Alex. I tried that and it helped with the faster tighter oscillations but i cant seem to get rid of the wobbly lower oscillations. I’m not sure if i’m making much sense. I’ve attached a video, excuse the shoddy flying (:

I am not an blackbox expert but here my 2pence.

I’ve just had a look through your blackbox log…

Motor 4 ( front left ) is maxing out while the other motors are only at 80%.
I would have a look there.

Your gyro trace looks fine as well as your PIDs.
But you have adjusted your PIDs and filters it looks like from the blackbox.

I would have a look at motor 4 and maybe flash BF 3.5.4 and fly on default PIDs and Filters and give that ago.
Log Blackbox and post it back.

Have you tried different props?

I’ll try that and see how it goes. I have been using azure power props as I noticed less jello and They seem to have more power and feel responsive I used to use dal cyclone and I liked them but the jello was worse. It’s a six inch frame with 5 inch props. Could that have anything to do with it ?

The only “jello” I saw was in the first few seconds of your lead in. The rest of the video is perfect.

HI Clifton maybe i am paying to much attention to the Jello. I dont notice as much when watching it back on a phone or a smaller device but when im editing the video i notice it in certain places but i think it maybe i am paying it to much attention

I think the video looks great. I was looking for Jello and just didn’t see it. My compliments on your flying also; I thought it was pretty good :sunglasses:

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Thank you. That means a lot . I’m Really enjoying it (:

Hey, I’m curious, have you tried anything to fix your perceived problem? Did you try 6" props? Did you make any adjustments to motor 4? Were you planning on flying long range with the 6" Chameleon? I was thinking that trying a lower KV motor with 6" props might smooth things out for you to your satisfaction. Just some thoughts. :yum: Please let us know how you have progressed, or what, if any, changes you have made and what the results are. Thank you Guan.

Hi Stew I eventually swapped the frame out after breaking the bottom plate for a 5inch rooster frame. It’s been a lot better since (: