Is this a good deal for my first quadcopter

Hi I am very much new in this hobby but i am really dedicated to it so as here in india i dont have any hobby shops that can provide me with what all i need , but i found this links
which one will be good for me according to you , also i have watch hours and hours of youtube videos so i know bits about this hobby also i have a cx10 with me has i was not having money to build a good one ,also my exams are over now so…
but now i have manage some amount so i am very much excited to build one my self .
thank you for you help!

Both of these quads seem like a good choice for a beginner in this field although the Nighthawk kit seems to be a bit outdated (using Simonk ESCs) but this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Apart from this, the Nighthawk might be the better option for you. We have made a complete beginners guide for the ZMR 250 frame kit (please follow the link) that you should be able to follow if you use the Nighthawk kit or any other mini quad build.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank very much sir for the response.
And what about radio , i was thinking about flysky fs-i6 , or should i go for frsky ?

It again depends on your budget. If you want the best radio that will last you a long time in this hobby then the FRsky Taranis would be your best option. However if you want something cheaper to start with that you will need to upgrade at a later stage then something like the flysky FS-i6 is a decent option :smile:

Thank you sir ,
I will be back if needed ! :relaxed:

Sam’s posting looks good.
BTW, swapping any wire pair on a motor will reverse it from the current direction. Also get yourself a prop balancer; having balanced motors and props can make a big difference to handling and stability.
Don’t be tempted to fly a little drone like that in windy conditions (It’s usually more windy as you get just a few meters up) I saw a drone blown out to sea the other w/e. Insufficient power to fly into the wind. Wait for calm conditions to lean to fly.

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