Emax nighthawk 250 v2 kit



I was wondering if anyone has used this kit
And what your thoughts were on it for a first time builder. It looks like a good kit to me.


For a first time builder you should think about a Chinese clone quad in the $30 - $40 range !! only because as a first time flyer you are going to Crash a ’ Lot ’ so you might as well start out with not a huge investment, and as you progress then go for that kind of frame.


This is the first frame kit that I built. I love it . It is still my most flown quad. I have yet to break the frame in the last year and a half. I have broke alot of props . So be ready for that. Check out painless360 on YouTube . He has a step by step video series on how to build this quad frame. From start to finish. The videos are very helpful. Also put a beeper on your quad. The beeper is worth every penny. I have lost my many times . And I have found it every time due to having a beeper.


Thanks Mastercross. at least props are cheap. I bought a couple of the cheaper toy quads. but i have found that replacement parts are a lot. What transmitter and receiver combo do you use?


I use Spectrum DX8 but it is pricey. Spectrum DX 6 is nice with a reasonable price. I use Orange receiver from Hobby King but I use a RedCon receivers from Banggood. Banggood has free shipping which is nice to cut cost down. The trade of is you must wait 14 days to receive items. Hope that helps . Keep flying .


Have you looked at the Blade Zeyrok ?
It kind of a upgrade from a toy grade but not as pricey as some other quads. But gives you different fly modes to help you learn. Watch some YouTube videos on the Blade Zeyrok. Let me know


yes i have looked at that. I’ve had 2 INDUCTRIX’S (SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS LOOK MY 4 YEAR OLD THINKSTHE LIGHT NEEDS TO BE ON) AND A DROMIDA OMNIOUS. both are good flyers. I just con spend 10 on one replacement motor for the inductix. plus they don’t last that long. after doing my studying i think a build is the right option. For cost/performace/durabuility.