What gear do I need for the EMAX Nighthawk 250 frame kit?

I am interested in this frame but could I please get some advise on what other equipment I need with it?


For this kit, a suitable battery would be the Tattu 1800mah battery. This is has a high discharge rate (45C) and so would be practical for a mini racing quad such as this one.

As for the radio controller, there are two options. Personally, I would go for the Taranis radio as this is a high-quality piece of equipment and very adaptable for all your future hobby drone needs. However, if you would like a cheaper option, we also stock the Devo 7 which is still a good option. Please note that you will need a receiver with whichever radio control you choose. These can be added as additional add-ons on the page listing.

This is all you need for a basic set-up, but if you are interested in setting up an FPV setup, you will need extra equipment. Please let me know if you need any help with this selection.