EMAX Nighthawk 300 Carbon Fibre Quadcopter Kit parts help

Hi All,

I am looking to buy the EMAX Nighthawk 300 Carbon Fibre Quadcopter Kit & I was wondering what extra I need.
I have ordered the following:-
Transmitter / receiver
Verlcro strap
Bullet connectors
Heat shrink wire wrap

Also what camera should I get, I’m looking for one that records to SD card for now

The only thing extra that you would need is a battery charger

In terms of a camera, my suggestion would be to get the mobius HD action camera, as its small and can record HD video to the SD card. There is also a mount for it on-top of the Emax Nighthawk 300.

Since the Emax kit includes bullet connectors I dont think you will need any extra ones.

If you have any specifics about what camera/FPV TX/RX that you have ordered please let me know and I can offer other suggestions/advice.