Is there a longer battery for Walkera 250 / Phantom 1

Hey there. Because of my AirPro madeshift mounted on my Walkera Runner 250, I have to protrude the battery more the halfway outback plus add a counterweight for balance, using a smaller camera that’s not really useful.

So instead, I would like to put a larger battery. I noticed the Walkera 250 batteries are the same as the Phantom 1’s: 11.1V, 2250 mAh (25Wh) battery. Is there a version of the same battery, with the same plugs but about 1.5 longer with more battery cells and therefore more mAh’s? That would really help me balance out the AirPro’s weight and at the same time increase flight time cut in half by the overweight setup of the drone equipped with that high quality camera.

I dont think you can use more than 3 cells with your runner 250 as the ESC’s are only rated for 11.1V, but I could be wrong.

However if you are looking for more flight time you can try upgrade to a 3000mAh battery, but I am not too sure about the maximum takeoff weight for the Runner 250, so if you use a battery that is too heavy, even if it is bigger you could get lower flight times as the motors need to work harder to lift your quad. We have a guide on how to choose the best battery for your drone.

But otherwise if you do want to use as lightly bigger battery you can always solder a matching connector for it to work onto your Runner 250.

My W250 is already overweight to carry the Ion AirPro, I just wanna optimise the overweight in the back by having a longer battery instead of a useless rear cam hanging off the wires and not even balanced sideways.

Do you sell 3000mAh Lion Power 11.1V Battery for DJI Phantom CX-20 Quanum Nova or something similar readily pluggable and fitting in the Walkera 250’s hull?