Alternate rotor blades for Walkera Runner 250. What gives?

So, there are alternate rotor blades for the Walkera Runner 250, but what are the differences in terms of physics and flying using the default blade as the standard, or between these blades themselves?

6x2.5 inch carbon propeller
6x4.5 inch carbon propeller
5x3 inch carbon propeller

You could use other propellers with your runner 250, but the main issue is that since it includes propellers with integrated nuts you dont have any spare to use with standard propellers. So if you want to use other propellers such as the ones you mentioned above you will also need to buy a nut. I dont know the size off hand, but its might be difficult to find a CW and CCW threaded nut at the local hardware store.

We sell spare propellers for the runner 250

I’m all for standard propellers, but I wanna understand what changes with other propellers. For example what does it mean a propeller of 6x4.5 inch in comparison with a 6x2.5 inch in terms of physical description of the rotor and flying?

The first number is the diameter of hte propeller in inches, so 6 inch.

The second number is the propeller pitch. This number represents the distance in inches it will travel (or the distance of air it will push) in one complete rotation. The bigger the number the steeper the angle on the propeller. Typically higher pitch propellers will produce more thrust, but they require more power to spin and are less efficient.