Ion AirPro on Walkera 250

Hi all,
So, I’m new with drones and I had the silly idea to get a Walkera 250 as my first drone. Those who have one will understand. I don’t have a live viewer either.
Anyway, I own a Ion AirPro2 and I would like to affix it to the Walkera’s front platform. I’m not sure how to do that. Does anybody know an adapter for the universal screw, or for the AirPro’s clips-on, to affix it on the Walkera’s front platform? This way I can even use the AirPro’s wifi as a live viewer. Thanks!

For your first quadcopter the runner 250 can be a good option, but since its release I think there are a few better options as the runner 250 flight controller is quite basic. Depending on your goals it might be a fun idea to build your own FPV quadcopter, possibly something like the ZMR 250. We will also soon be releasing a ready to fly 250 size kit that includes the FPV goggles too, and will have an APM flight controller which includes a barometer to manage your height automatically which makes things much easier for beginner pilots.

That said you should be able to mount the AirPro2 onto your 250 size quad with some Velcro straps, and mounting foam. I dont have one myself but it does not look too heavy. As long as its similar in weight to the gopro it should be fine to mount onto your quadcopter.

As for the wifi, that is something that I dont suggest you use. most R/C gear runs on 2.4Ghz and the camera wifi will interfere, and when you fly far away it could possibly block your R/C signal from reaching your drone.

You convinced me not to use the Ion AirPro’s wifi as a makeshift for a live video feed. So what apparatus do I need to buy to get a live view feed with my remote? I don’t want to wear glasses because I don’t want to be oblivious of my surroundings. I am looking for a device to receive the live video feed from the drone and record it on a memory card at all times.

I just had a look but it seems that the AirPro 2 does not have a live video out capability which kind of sucks. That said anyway depending on how you fly these sort of cameras have some latency issues if you fly fast (more details in our FPV camera guide)

What you can do is use AirPro 2 camera to record onto its SD card but add a dedicated FPV camera to your drone (one is already included with your runner 250, and many other FPV quadcopter kits) then the analogue FPV video transmitter sends the video back to you on the ground in real time. Then you can use goggles, or a FPV monitor to view the video. If you looking for a nice and cheap monitor you should check out the mini black pearl monitor.

Hope that makes sense

Actually I have a Ion AirPro CamoCam which is based on the AirPro 2, but is provided with the wifi module allowing you to command and view live video on your smartphone. But I don’t want to risk interferences with the controller.

I will bookmark the mini black pearl and buy it later on.

The AirPro is long enough, so that to put it on the front platform of the W250, 3/4 of its length is protruding in front of the platform like a diving board. It is also almost as heavy as the battery. If I wanna use it, should I remove the Kodak hd camera that is taped under the fuselage not to have too much workload on the drone? May be then I can tape the AirPro underneath and invert the video during editing. I already increased the size of the landing gear with frigolite wraps.

So I pasted the AirPro on the W250 bridge and even with the battery almost all the way out protruding out the back, the W250 tilts 30° forward hanging from the balance points :frowning: It’s definitely too heavy for this drone’s front bridge … I’ll try hanging it underneath like a fuel tank


The walkera 250 is only designed to carry one extra camera that is only about 80g heavy, so I dont think it will manage too well with both a AirPro and a Kodak HD.

Also in general its not a good idea to have your camera lens sticking out in front of your quadcopter, this is because in the event of a crash, its the first thing to hit something and will break it. So having the front of the frame take the hit first means that its much harder, and cheaper to fix. If you scratch the lens of your HD camera it can be very expensive to fix, and you will most likely need to replace the camera.

I figured I shouldn’t try to fly it like that. Right I only left the small SD camera in front to have images at all and keep the drone balanced.