Inav motor remapping

So after much soldering, acquiring of various GPS units and re-arranging of components, I have a working 6" Chameleon Ti. Only problem is that because of the size of the craft, I’ve had to move the 4-1-ESC board by 90 degrees. Upshot - I need to now remap the motors. Now in Betaflight you can do this via the resource command or the old mix command. However after some searching on Google, I can’t see any obvious way to do this.

Anyone ever done this and changed the motors round through iNav CLI?

you cannot remap motors in i-nav. if you have only turned the 4 in 1 esc 90 degrees you dont need to remap, all you need to do is solder the signal pins in a different order.
EG: motor 2 at top right with signal to motor 2 , now if you rotate 90 degrees to the right and you want to keep the wires tidy motor 2 will now be in motor 1 position bottom right just solder signal wire to motor 2 to the motor signal 1 output from FC, hope you followed that, then do others and motor test to make sure all ok, you will probably need to reverse motor direction on esc.

Hi Dale,
I was afraid that was going to be the only option available to me. :frowning: The motor wires are a little short hence the rotation of 90 degrees. I could extend the motor wires, but I may just ditch it and get a new set of better motors.
Thanks for confirming what I was afraid of. This Chameleon will fly eventually! :slight_smile:

think you misunderstand you dont need to extend motor wires. do the motor wires reach when turned 90 degrees, if so just put the correct signal wire to the appropriate motor output.
if the motor wires ok length wise when turned 90 degrees and still confused let me know and ill try and upload instruction with pic.

Alas the motor wires don’t reach when the 4-in-1 ESC board is turned round 90 degrees, hence the reason why I did the rotation. I’d originally trimmed the wires for a 5" quad and sticking them on a 6" meant they were a little too short.

Some 3.5mm banana connectors have been ordered, so I’ll use those to neaten up the wiring and get them connected to the ESC board properly.

I hope you don’t mind me reviving this old topic as I now find myself in a similar situation. Please could you confirm @dale589 that I can simply swap the pins in the ESC to FC ribbon cable to remap motors, should I need to rotate the FC by 90 degrees? Cheers

51 days later , it doesn’t matter which way round your FC is as long as motor 1 ESC signal goes to the FC output for motor one. if you put the FC anyway you want then tell FC software ( inav betaflight) which way the FC now is your only telling the gyro which way the FC is orientated, the output for motors stay the same.

Ha :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply. I simply swapped around the pins on the cable between FC and ESC… all good :+1: