iLook+ FPV camera with built in TX

Earlier this year walkera released the iLook FPV camera which I was initially excited about as a much cheaper alternative to the Gopro. It comes in the gopro 3 form factor (so its compatible with many gopro 3 gimbals) and it also includes a FPV transmitter with cloverleaf antenna built in. This all sounded great untill I found out that you could only record at 720p so I would still be keeping my gopro 3 with FPV transmitter combo for now.

However the good news is that we are about to release the iLook+ FPV camera with a 13 Megapixel sensor that is able to take great quality photos, or you can record videos in full HD. But the other really useful feature is that it is a built in video transmitter so you can view the video feed in real time on the ground with your FPV monitor, or goggles with no need for any extra cables or accessories!

The iLook+ also comes with a wide angle lens just like the gopro, but its also useful for FPV flight so you can see more around you giving you better situational awareness when flying in FPV mode.

The only negative thing about this camera is that it does not include a built in battery but it can handle 7-15V power input so will be compatible with most RC systems. Despite this, if you think about what this camera is designed for (being attached to your RC aircraft/quadcopter) then you can argue that its actualy better that it does not have its own built in battery as it saves weight and its one less thing to charge before going out to fly.

We are expecting these to arrive in a week or two, so we will be able to do some tests and share some flight videos, but I feel that this will be a great FPV camera combo given that we will sell it for around £130