Scout X4 Version Comparison

There are a few different versions of the scout X4 quadcoper and this post will help tell the difference between them just in case anyone is wondering.

Scout X4 Versions

There will be 3 versions available worldwide, but only two of them will be available to European/ American customers since the white version will only be sold to distributors China and Taiwan, as shown in the image below.

Scout X4 Models

Right now there are base 4 variants of the scout X4, they are all fundamentally the same quadcopter as all versions share the same flight controller, motors, props, batteries, but the variants just have a different selection of accessories.

Scout X4 Basic version
This is the most basic version and only includes the quadcopter unit itself. This means that it will include the frame with everything needed to fly except for the radio control and receiver. This version is also the cheapest because it does not contain many accessories. I would suggest this model for more experienced pilots who already have their own radio gear and know how to connect it to the scout X4 flight controller. However just because you buy this version does not mean that you cant add the other features like gimbal, FPV etc which makes it great as it gives you the freedom to customise your scout X4 with another gimbal or your own preferred radio gear etc…

Scout X4 RTF 2 version (iLook+)
The RTF2 version is the top spec kit that included everything you need to shoot professional full HD videos. Included is the iLook+ camera with wireless video, the devo F12 FPV radio to view the video and control the camera from the ground. Also included with this kit is a 3 axis brushless gimbal and the ground station device that lets you control your scout X4 via your android or IOS device and use features like follow me. The Devo F12E radio is shown below where you can see the built in FPV monitor.

Scout X4 RTF 1 version (iLook+, no ground station device)
The RTF1 version is the same price as the RTF 3 version but also includes the iLook+ camera. This version includes everything except for the ground station device. This kit is slightly cheaper than the RTF 2 version and is ideal if you don’t care about using any of the mission planning or follow me features that the ground station device enables. The iLook+ camera is shown in the image below.

Scout X4 RTF 3 version (for gopro)
The RTF3 version of the scout X4 is an alternative option to the full RTF 2 kit. This is ideal if you prefer to use a gopro camera instead of the iLook+. With this version you will not receive a gopro 3 camera, but instead you will receive both a 5.8Ghz video transmitter and a gopro cable that will enabe you to send a live video feed from your gopro camera back to your Devo F12 radio monitor. Otherwise this kit also includes a 3 axis brushless gimbal, and the ground station device to control your scout X4 and plan missions via your android or IOS tablet, the ground station device with tablet holder is shown below.