Help with installing an omnibus f4 v5

Hey all i am going to attempt to install a f4v5 fc into a x220s. I’ve screwed it up already once so i was hoping if anyone has the time to walk me through it on here at any point i feel i might stand a better chance of getting it done right. I understand thats a big thing to ask. Thank you

Take a betaflight dump from your old board and copy the wiring.

Watch your soldering iron heat and take your time.
A clean tip with fresh solder really helps with heat transfer.

Your be fine.

I appriciate the vote of confidence but im not sure how to take a betaflight dump although I’m sure i can work that part out with some video tutorials. I have 3 bust fc’s on my desk and i would be happier and massively grateful not to make it 4. I did make a video and take some pics of how it was wired previously. But it all gets a bit overwhelming. Sorry to ask i just feel once ive done it right once i would feel so much more confident going on.

Plus i practiced soldering on my previous board so im certain its toast now

Another tip is to take one wire off the old one, and solder it to the same place on the new one, or take lots of photos of the current board so you know how it’s connected.

Last thing is once you have soldered everything up, check for short circuits before you plug anything in. And lastly send us some photos once you are done so we can check if anything looks wrong.

To do a betaflight dump you just connect to betaflight and go to the CLI tab, and type in dump. Then a long list of all the parameters will show, then you save those values to a text file on your pc.

And lastly, if you are uncertain about anything just ask here and one of us will help :slight_smile:.

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Thanks for the advise (: i shall do that as soon as i get a spare couple of hours. Works gone crazy.

Hi ive managed to solder in the flight controller(f4 v5) into the x220s and get it all connected but its doing this. I have tried calibrating the 4in1esc but it hasn’t made a difference. Any ideas?

Im not sure if this is helpful but i hope so. I decided to cut the wire and connect to the pwm 1-4 esc connection as the 4in1 esc socket was larger than the addapter. And it wont as easily fall out again if soldered. Also on the previous board i had noticed that a small wire was bridging two pins for ram pin power source select. Should i do that again on my curre t board.ill include pictures. Lastly seems i have opted for the pwm esc connection do i need to bridge the pins shown in the diagram. Sorry for the bombardment of question. I’m trying my best to understand it.

You need to connect it to supply power to the RAM pins that powers your FPV camera.

I can’t see the pictures very well. but you may have to do a soldier bridge for PPM as you say.

Ive taken off the cam and vtx for now in an attempt to see what was going wrong. I think maybe a one of the wires for vbat had came lose. I now get the normal beeps and betaflight doesnt close down when i plug in the lipo. I’ve chwcked the the motors are spinning the right way and in the right order and my radio concurs with what im seeing in the receiver tab but for some reason when i test it los it just flipped over

You wired up the 4in1 ESC to the the FC by hand… I would look at the motor order. Make sure motor 1 is attached to motor 1

The motors are on in the right order and direction as is the radio that’s why it’s so confusing. The quad also moves in the right direction whrn i move it in the srt up page