Gt2 200 x4r range

Hi there.
I’m lucky enough to fly most Polo pitches in the Berkshire area so had a little tear up yesterday. Pitch is about 700m long and I’m getting rssi critically alarm.
I have my antenna in line with the rear arms. Is this my problem or should I have them vertical. Appreciate carbon is not good with antennas.
Perfect clean line of sight.
Thanks in advance

No CF reflects RF signal im surprised you got 700m personally, i would 100% advise to cable tie and heat shrink the antennas vertically, i dont know what your doing to have to travel 700m in the quad lol each to there own of course, most peeps i know do no more than a 200m

Thanks for the reply. I was just cruising around. Long haul.
I chopped my old antennas so thought I’d mount the new ones along the rear arms. I’ll mount vertical now.
Thought x4r good for 1.5k?

You’ve chopped them? what have you chopped? Yes the x4r is good for 1.5km but remember thats on paper in ideal conditions i personally would fine out how far it will go by doing a controlled range test set the quad down and take a walk see when the rssi goes and measure your distance on google maps, always comforting knowing for a fact how far u can go

Pilot error. Crashed and munched antenna. I’ll mount the antenna vertical and bomb around the Polo world and report back. Thanks guys. Alex, where are you?

I’m in Richmond bud, sw london

I can second the ziptie antenna mount, when I first found out about this it my mind was blown :stuck_out_tongue: I always used to 3D print mounts and use a drinking straw to hold the antenna! Not its just a simple ziptie and some heatshrink/tape and you are done!

Sorry I didn’t reply. Ascot. Berkshire. Good flying areas round here.

better late than never lol theres a small group of us that fly around the west london area, mainly Stockley park or Gunnersbury park usally about 5 of us depending on commitments, your welcome to join us if you fancy a race, we have gates and still all learning so don’t feel intimedated check one of my latest vids

If your interested join our fb group search West London Kwad Squad

Yeah, sorry about that. I got a rssi critically, flew through it and just returned after 8 weeks tracking it down. Joking. No idea where you are. Windsor great park near you?

Apparently thats approx 45 mins away from me or 23 miles