Safe flight range on Vortex 250 quadcopter

Can anyone tell me a safe range to fly my quadcopter 250 pro? I fly in a flat field no trees or buildings. I use the X4R-SB receiver for my Taranis transmitter and Fatshark V3 goggles.

Hi @Mike1
Firstly, if you fly with goggles you should have a person ‘spotting’ your drone line of sight (LOS).
The safe distance is the maximum that this person can keep it in sight.
For a litttle 250 this should be within range of your Taranis gear in open fields,
Secondly, use the RSSI telemetry in the X4R-SB to keep a satisfactory signal strength so you keep control
Steve :slight_smile:

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That is an excellent answer and it helps me out tremendously. I appreciate you responding to my question. Thank you again.


Alternatively you receiver and radio will be good for 1km take it with a pinch of salt and listen to the radios warnings

I appreciate that very much. Yes, I will use it as a guide. Thank you. :slight_smile:

LOS is a legality cop out that doesn’t answer your question. You could fly until the FrSky Telemetry starts giving you weak signal warning OR until your video starts to degrade, which will probably happen before the Terranis range fails. Make sure you have your fail safes set, and test it!