Channel/frequency selection - Walkera qr x350 pro

Hello. I want to know what channel/frequency would be best for the longest range fpv possible with my devo f7 with my qr x350 pro, or is this irrelevant? I’m still learning and I believe I can only use channels 2,4,6 and 8? Are 1,3,5 and 7 better range as they are not legal? Or are they legal. I’m very new to this so please any help or understanding of this would be much appreciated. Does a certain channel give me better distance fpv or does it depend on my area? Thankyou

With all things equal, on 5.8GHz the channel does not have any significant affect on range, Obviously one channel might have more interference than another if you are flying with other FPV pilots so its largely down to the area you are flying in.

To learn more about FPV you should read the FPV transmitter guide and FPV antenna guide as some of the fundamentals are explained there.