Upgrade Walkera QR X350 controller to QR X350Pro DEVO M controller

Hi Everyone, I’m new to this forum.
I brought a QR X350 and upgraded it to the Pro body, 5200Mah Battery and upgraded props to carbon 9443’s. Love it!

I want to upgrade my X350 DEVO FCS350 controller to the X350Pro DEVO M controller. Has anyone done this or have recommendations.

Reason is I want to use flight planner and also believe that the DEVO-M gives better stabilization.


I would suggest that of you are upgrading the controller you will be better off upgrading to an APM2.6 kit as its much easier to upgrade and add things like telemetry.

Can the swap be done though.

Yes its entirely possible to swap the two controllers, either with a Devo flight controller, APM, its just a matter of connecting the ESC’s to the correct outputs on your flight controller.

I see this is Old Post did you manage to do a straight swap I am considering doing the same thing but I have a question. Do you have to set the devo 7 transmitter up. And if so how do you do this thanks Gary