Loss of engines qr350 pro

Hello all, I have no more unlocking motors on my qr 350 pro ,I reloaded the WALKERA parameters ORIGIN by mission glider after having done an erase and reset EEPROM, but always the same result not from engine ,i have reprogrammed my radio (devo F7) nothing changed I think my devo-M is blocked but nothing indicates command the unlock therefore I am lost . Is it possible to reinstall factory function the DEVO-M thank you for your help . Business Modeler friendships :sanglot:


Yes you can restore original Devo-M firmware onto your X350 quadcopter, all you need to do is download the firmware from walkera, I believe the latest firmware is v1.7. Once you have loaded the firmware it will reset all the parameters to default settings.

The other option is to connect your quadcopter to mission planner and try arm it while connected via USB and you should see if there are any pre-arm checks stopping it from arming.

Hello, thank you for the reply ,i had already upgrade my multi in 1.7 and after checking on mission glider i have many pre-arm if I move the joystick of the gas to arm the quad.I will check the motor and the ESC to be more on because the DEVO-M made a complete check to the battery connection. Friendship Business Modeler :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello I have found the fault of my QRX350 pro in effect i have replaced the DEVO-M by a new and everything works correctly so the failure came from the DEVO-M thanks to all those who my responded to help me friendships Business Modeler :v:

Thanks for sharing the solution to your problem and happy to hear you are flying again :smile:

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